Loma X-Ray Systems

Latest Loma X-ray equipment, the Loma X4. It is fully automatic and offers complete contaminant and defect inspection at any line speed.

3d screenOIt will automatically detect contaminants such as:
• Metals - even within metallic packaging such as aluminum trays or metallic films without loss in sensitivity
• Calcified bone
• Glass
• PVC, TFE Plastics
• Stone, Ceramic, Cement
• Rubber
• Flavor/Sugar Clumps

In addition to outstanding contaminant detection, the Loma X4 can simultaneously identify:
• Missing items
• Total package weighing or weighing by zones providing excellent weight accuracy at high speeds
• Malformed or broken products.

Loma's advanced X-ray image processing software will automatically calibrate for each product and set optimum power levels.
This ensure the best performance setting, product by product. Sensitivity is maintained throughout a production run independent of the variability in product density, shape or size.
Loma produces a wide range of robust, reliable and user-friendly systems to meet the increasing product safety standards for the food and pharmaceutical industry needs, whether for packaged, bulk-fed or pumped products.
Installing a Loma X4 improves the quality to your product and plays an important role in protecting your brand.