Needle Detector Conveyor

The range of Cintex NeedleSearch machines combines state-of-the-art micro-processor technology and is suitable for all types of garments and textile inspection.
The NeedleSearch conveyor is easy to install and provides peace of mind that broken needles fragments will be detected and not reach the consumer.

The NeedleSearch AM (detection of all metals) and FM (detection of ferrous metal where metals are present in the product) are available in 3 standard aperture sizes to accommodate all types of garments and footwear and meets accurate detection of metal needles to textile industry standards.
All NeedleSearch machines are available on rapid delivery.



  • Improved sensitivity – facilitates industry standard and pin-head detection across a wider range of garments and footware, while ignoring other metallic items such as poppers and zips.
  • Touch sensitive screen – provides easy set-up, calibration, product select and learn and test functions as required.
  • Electronic reset – allows the machine to be reset by using the touch screen AND without using the key.
  • Fully automatic product learn – allows the operators to pass through new products with ease, for addition to the 50-product memory for indefinite storage.
  • Auto self check – ensures, by self-diagnosis, that the machine is functioning normally at all times.
  • Multi-lingual display – allows the simple selection of a wide variety of languages including more complex graphic based text.
  • Range of diagnostic messages – allows fast maintenance and repair in the event of a problem occurring.
  • Integrated serial interface – allows manual or auto down loading of event-log, product and maintenance statistics to a local printer or remote host.
  • Optional IR controller – combined with tamper-proof controls and multi-level password access provides for the ultimate in secure use and data storage.
  • Battery back-up – ensures that all set-up parameters and product memory data are not lost in the event of a power failure or drop. Increased protection against external influences – provides a stable operating performance within a variety of factory environments.