IP69K Metal Detectors

The patented Loma IQ3 and IQ3+ range of metal detectors are the first to offer true variable frequency operation, with tough IP69K environmental protection.
They can operate at frequencies between 40 and 900KHz and have the ability to select the correct operating frequency in seconds thus eliminating the past performance restrictions caused by single or limited frequency detectors.
Changes in product and packaging that may necessitate a frequency change no longer require the expense and inconvenience of service engineer set-up.
The correct operating frequency is key to the detection of the grade of stainless steel used in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

contaminant Consistent performance
They have a unique case and coil geometry and delivers a quantum leap in immunity from degrading effects such as; vibration, electrical interference, case distortion and thermal shock, which are often the causes of poor in service performance.

Outstanding reliability
World class manufacturing techniques bond stainless steel, polymers and resins to create water and dust tight seals to ensure a favourable and stable working environment for the rugged electronics and search coil assemblies.

Clear, easy-to-use controls
The flagship IQ3+ comes with a full multilingual colour graphical touch screen and has intuitive icon driven menus each with context sensitive help.
The updated VFD IQ3 control panel with membrane keypad is larger, brighter and easier to use.
Both are designed to provide operators with clear information and allows access to a wide range of practical standard features that are essential aids to metal detection in a modern production environment.


Automatic Frequency Selection
Adapts to new product and packaging in seconds.

Automatic Product Learn
Very simple to calibrate and can automatically learn the characteristics and settings for up to 200 different products.
Enhanced Performance Validation System (PVS) for HAACP compliance
PVS automatically prompts the operator to test performance at pre-set intervals, according to HACCP principles.
The PVS system does not rely on the operator to verify the test results and only the specified test samples can be used.
This unique feature means that the test results cannot be falsified and are automatically stored by the system.
LomaEnet connects each metal detector via Ethernet so each time-stamped test result can be stored on a network PC to assist in HACCP compliance.

Contaminants Log
If metal is detected in your product, the contaminants log lists when the contamination was detected and indicates how big they were.
The Contaminants Log is an essential means of identifying patterns in metal contamination and tracing their source.
Logs and reports can be downloaded using a USB stick with the IQ3+.

Plant Connectivity
Both the IQ3 and IQ3+ can be connected to plant networks via industry standard Ethernet connections, IQ3+ has Ethernet connectivity as standard.

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