Data Capture Systems

OPC Loma can now offer highly effective and free Data Capture System software to process data generated by its checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray inspection equipment.
In order to comply with HACCP, weights & measures and other quality control regimes, it is essential for food manufacturers to maintain full and accurate records of the inspection process and to be able to access this information simply and quickly.
The Loma OPC and LomaEnet systems are designed to help Quality Managers in the food industry to use their inspection equipment as a management tool as well as a process control.

Loma OPC

  • The Ethernet based OPC system will benefit companies with multiple checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray systems, as it amalgamates weight, overfill data and contaminant detection performance reports - presenting them centrally in a format that can be easily presented and understood.
  • Loma OPC is an invaluable management tool that supports comprehensive data analysis. It gives a detailed overview of performance by presenting data from a particular batch or shift in a range of formats that can be easily presented and understood.
  • By gathering information that previously stayed on the production line, it eliminates the need for 'number crunching' data from multiple systems.
  • The essence of Loma OPC is its simplicity.
  • The package itself doesn't make the inspection systems any more complex, so no additional training is required or operatives.
  • Loma OPC is a tool, which can be installed on any of our current range of systems.
  • Using an OPC platform, the information can be pasted into Microsoft Word, Crystal Reports or Excel documents, so sharing of information for non-networked personnel is very easy.
  • As Ethernet becomes the standard for networking and lines become more automated, a bi-directional user-configurable system like OPC comes into its own. Products can be set remotely and equipment changed to suite new production runs without the need for operator intervention on the line.
  • With customized screens the user can define the type of information best suited to the process in order to optimise efficiency and minimize costs.


  • PC-based software package, LomaEnet collects basic reports from the range of Loma Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-Ray systems and displays the reports on screen via an industry standard Ethernet connection.
  • Once at the PC, reports can be safely stored, archived and printed when required.
  • The screens give access to current and historical production data eliminating the need for manual collection from the line. The last report received is displayed on the screen of any networked computer and other reports can be viewed at the touch of a button.
  • A search facility is included to track reports by type e.g. PVS, Batch, by Machine ID and by date and time. Once found, an individual report can be printed.
  • Loma devices can be networked to the host PC offering a low cost solution to data collection and management. The system has an automatic archiving function, which can be enabled to archive daily, weekly or monthly if necessary.