Safe, Reliable and Tough

Established since 1969 Loma and Cintex are the world's leading brands in food, pharmaceutical and textile inspection systems - metal detectors, x-ray inspection and checkweighers.
Loma Systems has a philosophy of making safe, reliable, tough machines and has brought revolutionary new technologies to market over 40 years.
This has been recognised recently by our nominations as a winner at this year's Food Processing Awards for our innovative and cutting edge market leading products.
Loma Systems is a part of ITW.

Loma IQ3+ Metal Detectors

Loma IQ3+ • Variable Frequency - Ensures the best possible detection for all products
• Tough - IP69K for the ultimate environmental protection
• Easy to use - Automatic product learn ensures maximum sensitivity without adjustment
• Designed - To suit all major retailer Codes of Practice
• Icon Driven Menu - Colour touch screen; making it simple to achieve maximum functionality
• Data Capture - HACCP and retailer compliance is made simple

Loma X4 Inspection System

X4 • Varied - Models and reject systems to suite a wide range of packaged and bulk products
• Multi-functional - Detects non-metallic contaminants whilst monitoring weight, size and shape
• Easy to use - Intuitive full colour touch screen
• Sensitive - Auto calibration, which requires no programming and maximises performance
• Fast - Pack rates up to 400ppm without loss in performance
• Reliable - Heavy duty conveyor components, built for 24/7 operation

Loma CW3 Checkweighers

CW3 • Versatile - Weighs a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 60kg
• Accurate - Typical accuracy to less than 1g
• Speed - Pack rates up to 400ppm
• Compact - Integrated to save line space
• Design - Configurable to suit your needs
• Accredited - OIML R51 approved

Loma CW3 Checkweigher and IQ3+ Metal Detector Combination System

Loma Combo • Superior performance - Benefits from the accuracy of a CW3 Checkweigher with the high sensitivity of an IQ3+ Metal Detector
• Variable Frequency - Ensures the best possible detection for all products
• Space Saving - Saves on valuable line space
• Simple operation - Single intuitive touch screen interface
• Accurate - Inspecting 400ppm with accuracy to less than 1g
• Cost effective - Low cost of ownership

Cintex Sentry Needlesearch Detectors

Needlesearch • Versatile – Range aperture sizes to accommodate all types of garments and footwear
• Easy to use – Intuitive touch screen with up to 50 product memories, bar code reader option
• Sensitive – Designed for industry standard pin-head detection in garments and footwear
• Stable – Unique search head design and filtering provides high levels of noise immunity
• Reliable – High quality industry proven electronic components and conveyor parts

Designed to Survive!

All Loma units are Designed to Survive even the harshest of manufacturing environments, illustrating a reputation for long lasting durability.
Additionally, with all Loma machines, customers benefit from our high level of after sales service, and can receive a tailor made service solution to their inspection requirements.
Loma is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for all food product inspection requirements, so its time to talk to the experts.
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